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International Ministries

Historically, Jesuits have been known as missionaries around the world, and indeed this work is rooted in our foundations. In the California Province, our most extensive missions have been in China and Taiwan, but we’ve had a number of men working in Central and South America.

Tom Lucas standing next to woman who is featured in a picture behind themHow we explore mission aspects of our work develops, changes, and adapts to the times. Today, we seek to find God’s presence among the people we serve, working side by side with them. Our experience helps us understand what faith and justice mean in different cultures—and how those cultures can affect the way we read Biblical texts and minister to people. In 1995, the Jesuit General Congregation stated this theological concept, simply and directly, as allowing the Gospel “to grow up in the soil” of each culture.

When we accompany the people, our mission encompasses issues of faith, justice, and human rights. Our literal journey to these countries involves a spiritual movement toward a more just and equitable future for all people in a spiritual, prayerful context. Our missionaries see needs, but their response is based on input from the people the Church is serving.

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