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Current International Outreach 

Fr. Jack Donald, S.J. at parish schoolThe California Province currently provides personnel and funds in support of Jesuits at work in Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, the mission territories of Portugal (including Angola, Mozambique, and East Timor), Thailand, Taiwan, ARU (Argentina and Uruguay), and Zambia-Malawi, among others. These Jesuits serve in various ministries, including parishes, schools, and universities. For an overview of the work being done in a rural parish in Honduras by Father Jack Donald, S.J., read  "Faith, Hope and Power" in  Mission magazine, page 10.

  • The Province provides technical and financial support to affiliated international ministries, such as the consulting work being done by Father Thomas M. Lucas, S.J., in restoring the stained-glass windows of the Shanghai Cathedral.

  • Through twinning arrangements with the Provinces of Portugal and ARU (Argentina and Uruguay), the Province provides financial aid to Jesuits from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to foster their education in theology and specialized studies.

  • The Province provides administrative assistance to Casa Ricci Social Services, a Macao-based organization dedicated to serving the victims of leprosy. Directed by Father Luis Ruiz, S.J., Casa Ricci has developed housing and schools to shelter and educate the children of lepers.