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Secondary Schools

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Jesuit schools plant seeds in students which grow throughout their lives. Father Bill Muller, S.J., talks about the transformative power of education in the Ignatian tradition which encourages students to go beyond academic excellence to become "contemplatives in action."

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Our educational mission

Students talking in classroom

For 450 years, Jesuit education has sought to educate ‘the whole person’ intellectually and professionally, psychologically, morally and spiritually…Tomorrow’s ‘whole person’ cannot be whole without an educated awareness of society and culture with which to contribute socially, generously, in the real world. Tomorrow’s whole person must have, in brief, a well-educated solidarity.

Students…must let the gritty reality of this world into their lives, so they can learn to feel it, think about it critically, respond to its suffering, and engage it constructively. They should learn to perceive, think, judge, choose, and act for the rights of others, especially the disadvantaged and the oppressed. Campus ministry does much to foment such intelligent, responsible, and active compassion, compassion that deserves the name solidarity.”--from a speech by Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., Father General, Society of Jesus, at Santa Clara University, 2000

Teaching opportunities in Jesuit high schools

Faculty are at the heart of the Jesuit High School. Our students benefit from the evolving Jesuit and lay partnership in the shared ministry of Jesuit education. For an overview of our educational mission and the rewards of teaching in our secondary schools, read Teaching in the Jesuit High School: Young Lives at the Threshold; to view a PDF copy of this brochure, click here (please wait while it downloads).